Archive | May 2012

Welcome and Hello!

I have a lot to say and I couldn’t think of a better way to share my thoughts than in an Emporium.  I have visited a few of these delightful stores.  They have everything and I mean everything if you just look ….and well, maybe, ask.    Why the 7?  It is a lucky number for me so why not attach it to this blog?  I was fascinated to learn that 7 is a cardinal number and it is used in counting to indicate quantity but not  order.  To me that seems like a perfect fit with Emporium.  You will see that a random order will emerge.  With perspective and a little distance, everything fits into an orderly pattern.

I have spent lots of time preparing for this moment.  It is probably way more than was needed but I guess I had to consider it from many angles before I actually got started.  I have several entries to post.  That seemed easier to do than actually getting the blog installed.  Now, I have some additional decisions to work through so I will just get on with this.

These will, of course, be my thoughts and opinions.  I know, I know, you didn’t ask….but here they are anyway.