I’ve been thinking about writing this for quite some time. It is hard to do justice to such a topic without seeming arrogant or egotistical but I am so determined to do this that I will risk your judgments. I hope you will see, in the end, that my thoughts are as authentic and honest as every breath I will ever take.
Let’s start with definitions of a masterpiece. As I researched, I found layer upon, slightly different nuanced, layer of understanding
1. Work done with extraordinary skill; especially: a supreme intellectual or artistic accomplishment or achievement.

2. A Master Work – An outstanding work, achievement or performance.

3. A Classic

4. A Tour de Force/Piece de Resistance/Magnum Opus

If you were asked for your definition, would it be something specific or purely descriptive? Would you call out a particular person, place or thing that was, in your opinion, outstanding, extraordinary or spectacular? What benchmarks would you use as you evaluated your selection?

I offered at the beginning that this is a topic I was most anxious to discuss and I could, of course, muse on about the decision and factors determining the decision and categories and criteria ad nauseum. But I won’t.

When you have the benefit of perspective, you can fly high over your own life and with a birds eye view, you can see the great tapestry that is your life. See the colors? Notice the brilliant shades, the lights and the darks that occur. Does it look chaotic or are you high enough up to see that what looks like chaos has order and organization to it? If you can’t see this yet, fly a little higher. Eventually, you will see a pattern, probably many patterns. Just take a moment to look at this amazing representation of your life.

As you look at this expanse, notice the parts that catch your eye first. I can tell you which part catches my eye when I look at mine. It belongs to my family members and things we did. It belongs to my husband and our married lifetime of adventures and experiences, our joys and our sorrows, our devastations and celebrations. But, the brightest light comes from the incredible hue that radiates from our son. Oh, I know you will say that no child is perfect and they are not. They can and will be difficult sometimes. They were all two-year olds once. And they were all teenagers. Eventually, they leave for school, work or life and become full-fledged adults which in turn caused our re-focus, too. But in all of those changes, all of those turns, all of those moments, did you notice the little flashes of light and color that have the capability of lighting a lifetime with a kaleidoscopic dance of sheer and innocent love and joy? Elizabeth Kubler-Ross said that, in the end, the only thing that really matters is love and I could not agree more.

Here, over and above every achievement, every degree, every compliment or accolade, here is the singular entry that I offer as my masterpiece, extraordinary accomplishment, my master work, There are many wonderful moments but none more spectacular than these. I am grateful to have the beautiful and luminous colors, this gift, my son, radiates from my life’s tapestry. They and he, represent the connecting link between all that ever was with all that ever will….. be.



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  1. Jane says :

    Hope you keep this up!

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